Sally Evans

Sally Evans was raised in the south, but quickly fell in love with the dramatic color palette of the desert southwest during a vacation to that part of the country. The work of the local artists touched her soul and inspired Sally to pursue a career as a full-time painter. Sally’s education and previous experience as a graphic artist served as a great foundation for this next phase in her life. Sally’s work is known for its expressive use of vivid colors and bold designs. Her subject matter ranges from the beaches of Florida to the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona. In addition to her landscapes, Sally loves animals and creates whimsical works featuring dogs, cats, horses, and any other creatures that catch her fancy. Sally’s award-winning work has been displayed in galleries and exhibitions throughout the U.S. “I want my work to convey that commonplace subjects can be viewed in uncommon ways.” says Sally. And by that measure, there is no doubt but that Sally Evans is an uncommon success.