Leslie Moak Murray

Leslie Moak Murray created the Murray's Law line of humorous greeting cards and related paper products based on work from her syndicated newspaper comic strip. Murray has won 23 Louie Awards, including Greeting Card of the Year. Her work has been featured globally and translated in different languages on beverage napkins, notepads, sticky notes, laser paper, calendars, gift wrap, gift bags, bottle totes, and more. Murray’s work has also appeared on needlepoint canvases, housewares including mugs, porcelain plates, paper plates, tumblers, coasters, kitchen signs, towels, framed wall art, and Christmas ornaments. Apparel lines displaying her work include t-shirts, sweatshirts, aprons, and tote bags. Murray also wrote and illustrated two humor books, Aging Disgracefully and Playing With Matches.  Wow maybe she'd better sit down for a minute and rest. Murray was the featured interview in Artist and Graphic Designers Market 2006.

Leslie has been drawing since the age of three. Why stop now? She works at home, draws on her tablet in Photoshop, and watches cheesy horror movies with her dog. Does she have a great life or what? Murray’s art is built from layered Photoshop files. Changing colors and other aspects as needed is a snap. Reformatting to fit any template is never a problem. Leslie would love to work with you.