Leslie Moak Murray

I hate long walks on the beach. Blah blah thunderstorms, blah blah glass of wine by the fire blabity blabity bl…what? This isn’t Match.com? Oh, er, ahem, I started out in college as an art major, but I soon realized artists starve in garrets. So I changed my major to French because I already spoke it. After graduating, I realized that French majors also starve in garrets, but just then a modeling agency discovered me at a party, so I became a model. Another career that requires starving. Duh, life is hard when you're a Blonde Person. But no matter what else I was doing, I was always drawing. I've been drawing since the age of three when I made a three-foot-high wraparound wall mural in crayon in my parents’ bedroom. I remember being surprised that my mom wasn’t as happy as I thought she’d be. But I hope you’ll be happy to enjoy these images I have drawn while watching cheesy horror movies at home. Do I have a great life or what. Buy as many as you want because I need new shoes. Leslie Moak Murray Humorist and Queen of France