Lesa Marino

Lesa C. Marino grew up in West Haven, Conn. and spent her summers walking to the beach with neighborhood kids. Her parents supported her childhood interests in art, piano, and choir singing. Marino channeled her creative energy academically and studied illustration at Paier College of Art in New Haven, Conn.

After graduating, Marino and her husband Pete bought a pop-up camper, took five weeks to drive cross-country, and settled in San Diego, Ca. Five years later, the couple returned to Connecticut, built a home, and raised daughters Jessica and Jaclyn. Marino started in the greeting card industry and created art for products sold in Target, Walmart, the wholesale clubs and many other retailers. Five years ago, she returned to college and studied digital imaging and graphic art.

"I am now having so much fun combining traditional and digital art," said Marino. "The possibilities for creativity are endless."

Marino's artwork has been used in designs for dinnerware, textiles, paper goods, and gifts.

"I always love a new project and challenge," said Marino. "Besides my family, art is still my life’s passion and I imagine it will always be."