Howard Carr

Howard Carr earned an art degree at Chouinard Art School and a fine arts degree from California College of Arts and Crafts after completing military service during Vietnam. 

"Finding fresh inspiration has never been a problem for me,” Carr says. “I don't dissipate energy in competitiveness or seeking approval. It's an ongoing quest to perfect what I love most, painting and, of course, my wife and cat. I work hard at making my technique, color, and feeling seem simple by focusing on the important parts of the painting.”   Carr has authored and illustrated many articles for leading magazines. He regularly teaches national and international workshops.   His impressionistic oils reflect clarity, simplicity, and his artistic strengths. He continues to experiment with color and subject matter. Carr’s work is driven by his love for artistic drama and the excitement of dynamic lighting. Carr says, “I see paintings everywhere I look.”