Violeta Dabija

Born and raised in Moldova, Eastern Europe, Violeta now lives in California. Her 18 years of experience in children's illustration and degree in fine art shapes her art. Nature’s colors and beauty drive her passion for creating art. Her inspiration springs from observing nature’s rhythm and moods, textures, and color schemes. 

Violeta creates magical pictures with atmospheric and unique environments for her characters. At first glance, her work appears simple and clear by design, but closer examination reveals her meticulous attention to detail. Violeta works in both traditional and digital media, and often combines both techniques while retaining the traditional feel of the illustration. 

Her clients include Papyrus, Lerner, Heinemann, Usborne, Oxford University Press, and more.  Her work has been featured in the July 2008 edition of 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide and The New York Times reviewed her book illustrations: “Dabija, a Moldovan illustrator, saturates her pictures with lush color… Grown-up readers may be a bit in awe too.”