Melanie Stimmell

Artist Melanie Stimmell has devoted more than 20 years to her career while producing work with passion, authenticity and whimsy. Stimmell says, “I never imagined where my creativity would take me and each step in my journey has taught me something invaluable.”

Stimmell earned a degree in illustration from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. She spent eight years post-college as a technical director on a popular animated series. During that period, she also fell in love with street painting. Stimmell launched a freelance career as an international street painter and muralist at festivals. She won gold medals and first-place awards in prestigious European competitions, including the title of Maestra Madonnara (Master Street Painter) in both Italy and Germany. In 2012, Stimmel and her husband founded We Talk Chalk, a 3D street painting company. Since inception, they have created more than 900 paintings worldwide.  

Stimmel’s passion for illustration extends to creating wonderfully whimsical worlds from her studio, where she paints at an easel, illustrates on an iPad, and creates new pattern collections using Illustrator. “I believe you can create what you love, spread positivity, and inspire beauty in the world,” Stimmell says. “I love the idea of helping others create their ‘happy place’ too by creating feminine and wonderfully whimsical imagery for any surface.”