Samantha DeCarlo

You enter the world of Magical Realism upon viewing the works of Chicago native, Sam DeCarlo. DeCarlo pushes a realistic narrative while incorporating fantastical elements, creating a completely imagined space in her work. Butterflies are as big as a tiger’s head; toads can balance atop one another with ease. Each piece is just wrong enough, it’s so right. DeCarlo mainly works in oil-based media and experiments with acrylic and spray paint, wood engraving, and resin pouring. “My only goal is to make you stop and look at my work for more than a few seconds, which is the average attention span for most people viewing art,” DeCarlo says. “How can I hold your gaze?” DeCarlo channels bright colors, opposing textures, multiple subjects, and the freedom to manipulate natural colors into something wild. “I see no purpose in replicating life as it is but to turn it into what it could have been - an alternate reality.”

Visit S.G.DeCarlo’s work at or find her on instagram at @sgdecarlo.