Rick Forgus

Rick Forgus grew up in a small west Texas town. He knew he would spend his life as an artist. Comic books, movies, and Ray Bradbury’s writing served as early inspiration. He graduated with a BFA from Arizona State University and worked as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator.

As the creative director for the City of Scottsdale, Forgus produced work visible throughout the city. He created the logo for the Scottsdale Airport, branding material for the McDowell Mountain Preserve, and water and sewer manhole covers displaying the city symbol he created. Forgus earned recognition with multiple awards from city, state and national organizations for his creative solutions.

Comics, sci-fi, books and admired artists, such as Charley Harper, Otis Shepard, Abram Games and Joseph Binder, continue to inspire his designs and illustrations. Forgus continues to draw every illustration with pencil and paper on his drawing board. He blends his knowledge and talent of old-school techniques with the digital technology standard in the industry today.

Forgus has illustrated comic books, children’s books, book covers, movie posters, event posters, magazine and editorial articles, toy and food packaging, character designs and even an award-winning hotel key card! Illustration has always been his passion. For Rick Forgus, it’s not the want to draw, it’s the have to draw.