Steve Lindon

Steve Lindon lives in a small hamlet in the Golden Valley of Herefordshire under the shadow of the Black Mountains of Wales. He studied art, design, photography, and digital design early in his career.

He sells his photography prints worldwide. His decade of experience includes editorial work on a magazine focused on astrophotography and photographing galaxies, nebulae and comets through a large telescope and tracking mount.

His work has transitioned from traditional SLR photography and darkroom film processing to digital SLR cameras and use of Adobe Photoshop. Now, he uses AI-based Midjourney to produce each image as AI art.

“A large percentage of the AI images I create are further processed in Photoshop to create a piece of art that AI cannot do alone. I much prefer to use Photoshop to make the images as unique as possible by editing the Ai images,” Lindon says.